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An Evening of Dining and Listening Presented by LiveVibe

LISTEN at Winflo

1315 W 6th St, Austin, TX 78703, USA

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Event Description


 DINNER IS REQUIRED and is an additional $35 per guest 

Doors 7pm | Doors close 8pm | End of show 10:15pm

LiveVibe Presents 

An Evening of Dining and Listening 

 LISTEN at Winflo 

 When an artist writes lyrics they do so with the hope that someone else will LISTEN and hear their story. When a chef creates a menu they do so with the hope someone else will SAVOR their creation. Listen at Winflo, is a one of a kind dining and music experience the combines both these senses.

  • Each week the chef will create a three course seasonal fare menu. Offerings include hand crafted cocktails *separate charge* with local spirits and wine from Italy. After the last fork is turned over the artist will tell their story through music, the guitar, and perhaps the piano. You might be able to ask the artist questions or even participate in the show, or the artist might close their eyes and sing straight through. Either way, you can expect to have the most exquisite music experience as LiveVibe chooses only the most talented regional and nationally touring artists.

    As the name implies, you LISTEN in the Listening Room. We will not tolerate talking or texting on cell phones during the performance. In fact, we encourage you to turn off your phone. It’ll be ok, we promise. If you must leave, do so between songs. 
    Dinner is part of the evening (a separate charge, billed at the show) and there are no tickets available for just the show portion of the night—no exceptions. Doors at 7pm. Dinner 7pm-9pm. Doors lock at 8pm - If you are not at your table by 8pm, you will forfeit your show tickets. 

    Dinner $35

    Show $20

  • Chef's Menus is $35 per guest and it includes and appetizer, main course and dessert. There is a vegetarian option on the menu.
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January 1st, 2017  7:00 pmJanuary 1st, 2018  10:00 pm